Theory, composition and conducting faculty

Prof. Kremena Angelova, Ph.D

Dean of the Faculty

Tel. 02 / 4409 745

Prof. Evgeniya Simeonova, Ph.D.

Deputy Dean

Tel. 02 / 4409 745

The Theory, Composition and Conducting Faculty has been a separate academic structure within the Academy – alongside the two other faculties, Instrumental and Vocal – since 1954, when the State Academy of Music was renamed to Bulgarian State Conservatory.

The Faculty is a key unit within the Academy structure. The faculty staff provide instruction in the musical theory courses to students from all faculties.

Students in the Theory, Composition and Conducting Faculty can take part in various creative and research projects and science forums and publish articles in the periodicals of the Academy. Those studying conducting can work with two professional ensembles – the Student Symphony Orchestra and the “Prof. Georgi Dimitrov” Mixed Chamber Choir. The Sound Engineering and Sound and Media Design courses also offer significant practical training – in prestigious institutions like the Bulgarian National Television and the Bulgarian National Radio. Among the former and current faculty members are some of the most prominent names in music art and science, many laureates of international competitions, and experts with extensive creative and research work, brilliant representatives of Bulgarian musical culture and of the Academy itself.





Music Theory

Choral Conducting

Opera and Symphony Conducting

Wind Orchestra Conducting

Sound Recording, Sound and Media Design

Sound Recording and Sound Design for Games

Media Composition

Music Therapy

Music Management

Pedagogy of Music Education

Contact with the tutors



Prof. Veselin Stoyanov (1902 – 1969)

Acad. Marin Goleminov (1908 – 2000)

Prof. Dimitar Sagaev (1915 – 2003)

Prof. Dimitar Ruskov (1925 – 2010)

Prof. Georgi Dimitrov (1904 – 1979)

Prof. Benzion Eliezer (1920 – 1993)

Prof. Krum Angelov (1918 – 2006)

Prof. Vasil Arnaudov (1933 – 1991)

Prof. Samuil Vidas (1924 – 1984)

Prof. Alexander Tanev (1928 – 1996)

Prof. Alexander Tekeliev

Prof. Mihail Pekov

Prof. Pravda Goranova, Ph.D.

Prof. Dimitar Tsanev, Ph.D.

Prof. Adriana Blagoeva, Ph.D.

Prof. Kremena Angelova, Ph.D.