The History of Music and the Ethnomusicology (or Musical Folklore) have been part of the curriculum at the Academy since the very beginning. As early as the 1920s, Dimitar Hadzhigeorgiev (1873 – 1932) and Dimitar Radev (1874 – 1952) compiled course books on music history.

One of Bulgaria’s first professional musicologists, Prof. Stoyan Brashovanov, Ph.D. (1888 – 1956), who earned a doctorate from the Leipiz University on the rhythmical characteristics of Bulgarian folk songs in 1923, is a prominent name in the history of the department and a full-time professor in history of music at the Academy. Prof. Stoyan Dzhudzhev, Ph.D. (1902 – 1998) is the main person behind the Ethnomusicology course (which in the past has been called Bulgarian Musical Folklore). He was a graduate of the Paris Sorbonne, where he earned a doctorate on the rhythmical characteristics of Bulgarian folk songs in 1931. He started teaching at the National Academy of Music in 1934. Before that one of the professors in ethnomusicology was the prominent Dobri Hristov, who laid the foundations for the theory of Bulgarian folklore music.

In 1947, the Music Science Department was founded, with first Head of Department Prof. Stoyan Brashovanov. The course in Church music was part of the department and was taught by Petar Dinev (1889 – 1980), a distinguished expert and researcher. In the 1950s, Head of Department was Prof. Stoyan Dzhudzhev, Ph.D. In the second half of the 1960s, the History of Music and Musical Folklore Department was created.

The courses in History of Music, Ethnomusicology and History of Bulgarian Music make up a significant part of the professional education and development of students from all academic majors. They provide solid foundation for wide professional knowledge and musical culture. The syllabuses are tailored to supplement the knowledge that students receive from other theoretical courses like Harmony, Polyphony, Music Analysis, Composition, Orchestration etc.

In the early 1990s, the various foreign language courses, including Bulgarian as a Foreign Language, were incorporated within the Department – in the past, they were a separate department, which worked with all higher art education institutions in Sofia. At different times, the Art History course was also part of the History of Music and Ethnomusicology Department.


* * *

Current Academic Staff


History of Music

Prof. Natasha Yapova, Ph.D.

Prof. Emilia Kolarova, Ph.D.

Prof. Yuliyan Kuyumdzhiev, Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof. Iliya Gramatikov, Ph.D.

Chief Assistant Petya Tsvetanova, Ph.D.



Prof. Goritsa Naydenova, Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof. Manuela Boncheva, Ph.D.


Old Bulgarian Music

Corresponding Member, Prof. Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva, part-time lecturer


Foreign Languages

Lyubov Taseva (English)

Antonia Bozhkova (English)

Peti Nakeva (French)

Sava Slavchev, Ph.D. (Italian)

Irina Ilieva (German)

Irina Azaryan (Russian), part-time lecturer


Bulgarian as a Foreign Language

Bonka Vasileva, Ph.D.

Savina Savova-Vacheva, part-time lecturer

Virginia Goranova, part-time lecturer

Tanya Ilieva, part-time lecturer

Aspasia Borisova, part-time lecturer


* * *




History of Music

Prof. Dimitar Hadzhigeorgiev (1873 – 1932)

Prof. Dimitar Radev (1874 – 1952)

Prof. Stoyan Brashovanov, Ph.D. (1888 – 1956)

Stoyan Paunchev, Ph.D. (1916 – 1946), part-time lecturer

Assoc. Prof. Dora Georgieva-Marinska (1914 – 2002)

Prof. Venelin Krastev (1919 – 2015)

Prof. Stoyan Petrov (1916 – 1994)

Lyubomir Sagaev (1917 – 2001), part-time lecturer on history of opera

Prof. Stefan Lazarov, Ph.D., part-time lecturer on history of opera

Prof. Ivan Hlebarov, Sc.D. (1934 – 2015)

Assoc. Prof. Kipriana Belivanova, Ph.D. (1942 – 2001)

Lili Kracheva, Ph.D. (1957 – 2019), part-time lecturer

Prof. Maria Kostakeva, Ph.D.

Yanina Bogdanova, part-time lecturer

Assoc. Prof. Lachezar Karanlakov

Prof. Anda Palieva, Ph.D.


Bulgarian Music Folklore

Prof. Stoyan Dzhudzhev, Ph.D. (1902 – 1997)

Anton Nikolov (1906 – 1971)

Lilyana Tsoneva

Assoc. Prof. Manol Todorov (1925 – 2019)

Acad. Nikolay Kaufmann (1925 – 2018)

Emil Georgiev (1925 – 1992)

Assoc. Prof. Svetlana Zaharieva (1937 – 2013), part-time lecturer

Assoc. Prof. Maria Samokovlieva, part-time lecturer

Blagovesta Nikolova

Prof. Dimitrina Kaufmann, Ph.D.

Prof. Lidia Litova-Nikolova (1943 – 2021)


Church Music

Hristo Popstoyanov (1876 – 1936), part-time lecturer

Petar Dinev (1889 – 1980), part-time lecturer

Angel Popkonstantinov (1905 – 1981), part-time lecturer

Geogri Popvasilev (1905 – 1992), part-time lecturer


Art History

Prof. Atanas Bozhkov (1929 – 1995), part-time lecturer

Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Dimitrov (1939 – 2009)

Prof. Ivan Marazov, part-time lecturer

Assoc. Prof. Radostin Chomakov (1937 – 2016)

Penka Kazandzhieva, Ph.D.



Veselina Zaharieva-Korovska (1947 – 2003)

Marin Sirakov, part-time lecturer

Ani Dzhelepova



Nadezhda Bakalova

Snezhina Bezhkova

Prof. Blagoy Mavrov (1897 – 1969)

Stefan Mavrov



Radka Kazandzhieva-Padeva

Todor Ivanov, Ph.D.

Anna Padeva, part-time lecturer

Assoc. Prof. Kalina Minkova, Ph.D.



Prof. Blagoy Mavrov (1897 – 1969)

Valentina Topuzova, part-time lecturer

Lyuba Nikiforova, part-time lecturer

Iskra Arnaudova

Kamelia Varbanova, part-time lecturer

Petya Dobreva (Milkova)



Vera Oranska, part-time lecturer

Ivan Raev

Nikolay Manzov, part-time lecturer

Valentina Polyanova, part-time lecturer

Reina Liggi

Nina Kostenko

Lyudmila Pesheva


Latin and Ancient Greek

Rada Grigorova, part-time lecturer

Elena Vasileva, part-time lecturer

Stefan Mavrov (Latin)


Bulgarian as a Foreign Language

Stefka Bachvarova

Gergana Holyanova


* * *



Prof. Stoyan Brashovanov, Ph.D. (1888 – 1956)

Prof. Stoyan Dzhudzhev, Ph.D. (1902 – 1997)

Assoc. Prof. Dora Georgieva-Marinska (1914 – 2002)

Prof. Stoyan Petrov (1916 – 1994)

Prof. Ivan Hlebarov, Sc.D. (1934 – 2015)

Prof. Lidia Litova, Ph.D.

Prof. Anda Palieva, Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof. Manuela Boncheva, Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof. Iliya Gramatikov, Ph.D.