Master Degree After High School

Tuition for the obtaining of the educational and qualification degree MASTER after high school takes place in


FROM THE 2018/2019 SCHOOL!

Candidates at TCCF, who have applied for study in the educational qualification degree “Master” after secondary education, are admitted to a general theoretical course after successfully passing an entrance exam and ranked according to success. Initially, everyone is trained in the specialty “Theory of Music“. At the beginning of the first year, each newly admitted student declares one or two specialties that he would like to profile from the second year. In connection with this, during the entire first year, students prepare for the chosen specialty or specialties and at the end of the first year they take profiling exams.

The profiling exams are held for three master’s specialties with a 5-year course of study after secondary education – “Musicology“, “Conducting” (choir conducting; opera-symphonic conducting; brass orchestra conducting) and “Composition“.

Students who do not choose any of these options continue their studies in the specialty “Music Theory” – with a 5-year course of study after secondary education.


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  • Theoretical, composing and conducting faculty