In the period 1999 2000, when the National Academy of Music started working on projects of PHARE, and ERASMUS in particular, the institution was placed with significant synchronization tasks defined in the Bologna Declaration. Parallel to updating the Bulgarian legislation in this area, the National Academy of Music accepted and fulfilled the main requirements announced in the Declaration. As throughout the history of its existence the Academy has had a reputation of high quality training, international recognition and successful realization of many of its students, and better information about educational processes and practices in Europe, the implementation of the directives of Bologna was carried out in stages. Initially the two-tier form of education was moved forward – Bachelor, Master and the postgraduate PhD, set in accordance with the European requirements for workload and quality. Along with this has increased the mobility of teaching staff and students through bilateral contracts with higher education institutes abroad, funded within the framework of ERASMUS in the 1999-2003 period. This contributed to the further opening of our academic environment to the European culture. The introduction of the Credit system /ESTC / in 2006 was a key moment in the integration of the National Academy of Music in the European education as a key measure of the principles laid out in the educational curriculums and their adequacy to higher musical education in Europe. There exists readiness to provide the European diploma supplement in accordance with EU requirements.

On the basis of consensus to renew the National Academy of Music’s application to participate in the ERASMUS program, the necessary documents were filed in Brussels in November 2008. In March 2009 confirmation was received about the Academy’s successful accession to the big family of High Schools and Academies, enjoying the privileges that the program provides. In the past 2009 and 2010, our task was to sign bilateral agreements with similar universities throughout Europe, aiming at free exchange of professors and students in order to broaden their horizons and academic experience, to be able to share successful practices, to promote our musical and pedagogical school.


At the end of 2020, on the basis of our successful application to the European Commission for participation in the 2021-2027 programming period. under the EU Erasmus + Program, the

“P. Vladigerov” National Music Academy was awarded the ERASMUS + Charter for the entire programming period.

Those wishing to participate can learn about the new application conditions and practices in the “International cooperation – ERASMUS + Program in the NMA” program, on the information boards of the program as well as in ERASMUS +   / Rectorate, room 16/