Prof. Tzonka Velikova

Graduated from Acting and Bases of stage movement at the National Academy of Theatre “Krastu Sarafov” in Sofia. Specialized at State Institute of Theatre Art – Moskow. Since 1980 teaches at the Vocal Faculty of the National Academy of Music “Pancho Vladigueroff”.

Professor of Bases of stage movement. Founder of methods and program of forming the graceful movements education of the opera artist at the National Academy of Music. They are all appropriate with the proved achievements of the contemporary psychometric medicine with the most productive theatre methods, yogi breathing practices. By using interesting studies on an advance manner, but at the same time delicately and softly without forcing the fragile creative nature of the young man imperceptibly are accumulated constructive useful vocal-plastic skills and habits. A confidence is created in the proper means of expression, set free the individual natural behaviour of the emotional-plastic potential in performing, the psychological and physical training comfort is raising, the whole theatre culture as well. The stylistic and etiquette abilities, steps, work with historical costume, scenic fight, and falls down are ready artist elements which could be usefully build in all kinds of mis-en-scene decisions.

Professor Velikova is author of many articles on different theatre matters, two scientific books of many sides interpretation of the theoretical base of graceful movements education of the vocal-singer: “The plastic movement-an element of the musical-stage art in the opera theatre” and “Before the large stage”. At present she works on Manual of practical and theoretical methods for teaching the discipline “Bases of the stage movement”.

Published five books of poetry: “Tsunami”, “Unison”, “Because”, “Rock” and “the Wind”. Author of texts of chamber songs of the composer Ass. Professor Blagovesta Konstantinova, all included in the repertoire of our young performers.

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