Prof. Georgita Boyadjieva-Nikolova, Ph.D.



1972 High school of Music “L. Pipkov”, major Violoncello, class of Lola Popova


1976 MA in Violoncello, class of Prof. V. Nikolov, State Academy of Music, Sofia


1976 – 1978 Postgraduate studies in Violoncello with Prof. V. Nikolov and Chamber music with Prof. E. Bozhinova



Professional Activities


1978 – 1990 Chamber music and Violoncello instructor in the High school of Music “L. Pipkov” - Sofia


1984 Second Award and laureateship from the VII All-Bulgarian Competition for singers and instrumentalists


1986 – 1987 Specialization at the Moscow Conservatoire in the Violoncello class of Prof. N. Shakhovskaya and Chamber music class of Prof. T. Alekhanov


1990 – 1992 Teaches Violoncello and Chamber music in Greece ( Patra) and Cyprus (Nikozia). As a soloist, takes part in series of concerts of the State Symphony Orchestra Nikozia


 1993 – 2004  Adjunct Assistant in Chamber music at the Instrumental Department of  the National Academy of Music “P. Vladigerov”


1997 – 1999 Full-time concert cellist at the Agency for Chamber Music, Ministry of Culture


2004 - 2008 Full-time Assistant in chamber music at the Instrumental Department of  the National Academy of Music “P. Vladigerov”


Since 2008 Associate Professor in Chamber music and Vice-Dean of the Instrumental Department, NAM “P. Vladigerov”


 As a soloist and chamber music performer G. Boyadjieva has numerous participations in prestigious international festivals in Bulgaria and in abroad: March Music Days, Sofia Music Weeks, Salon Des Arts, Varna Summer, Apolonia, Wien Modern /Vienna/, Meridian /Bucharest/, Festival for Modern Music – West Deutsche  Rundfung /Germany/, and others.  Her concert activities include recitals, often built out entirely of works for solo cello; concertos with orchestra; integral performances of the works for cello and piano by authors such as J. S. Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Schumann, Hindemith, and numerous performances as a member of different chamber ensembles. The presentation of new and dedicated to her works, as well as Bulgarian premieres of significant works by foreign composers, form a serious part of her performance activity.


Georgita Boyadjieva has recorded for the Bulgarian National Radio, WDR – Köln, Radio Bucharest, the Bulgarian National Television.

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