Prof. Spiro PETKOV, Ph.D.

At the time of the establishment of the Academy of Music in 1921 the flautist Professor Nikola Stefanov taught all the woodwind subjects. Due to his education received in Germany, and his long experience and knowledge, his pedagogical results were remarkable.

Almost all teachers of woodwind instruments that we now call founders were his students: Vassil Spassov – oboe, Stoyan Stoyanov – clarinet, and Atanas Gardev – bassoon. Subsequently, Vassil Spassov, after graduating from the Music Academy in Vienna in oboe and percussion, received a PhD in musicology at the University of Vienna. Atanas Gardev continued his studies at the Prague Conservatory. After 1945, when Dr. Spassov was arrested by the Communist regime and sent to a concentration camp, his oboe class was taken by his pupil, the future Professor Hristo Petkov. He taught the class for 31 years.

All these musicians and teachers were highly qualified and raised the level of instruction at the Academy during the period of development of the Bulgarian school of woodwinds.

In 1934 the first woodwind chamber ensemble – the Sofia Wind Quintet – was founded with these members: Prof. Nikola Stefanov – flute, Dr. Vassil Spassov – oboe, Angel Belnyaev – clarinet, Atanas Gardev – bassoon, Todor Tonev – horn.

The Woodwind Instruments Department has existed in its present form since 1963, when it was separated from the common Wind and Percussion Instruments Department.

The first head of the newly-created department was Prof. Hristo Proshkov. Following Prof. Proshkov, the department was headed by Prof. Sava Dimitrov, Prof. Yordan Kindalov, and Prof. Georgi Zhelyazov. Since 2000 the Head of Department has been Prof. Dimitar S. Dimitrov.


The department trains students in the following majors: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon as well as in woodwind instruments, teaching methodology, history of the instruments, and teaching practice.

Our aim is to train young specialists to perform as soloists, chamber performers, pedagogues and orchestra members. The syllabus for the various instruments covers a broad range of works from all periods and styles. Special attention is paid to the work of Bulgarian composers.

Distinguished instrumentalists and pedagogues teach at the department.

Department Staff: 



Prof. Ventsislav KINDALOV, Ph.D.

Prof. Deyan GAVRICH

Part-time Prof. Georgi SPASOV

Part-time Prof. Lidia OSHAVKOVA



Prof. Spiro PETKOV, Ph.D., Head of Department



Prof. Sava DIMITROV, Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof. Borislav YOTSOV




Petar Kotcev


Rehearsal Pianists