Operetta and Musical

Period of study:

- 1 academic year, on a full-time basis, for holders of a Bachelors’ degree in Classical Singing;

- 2 academic years, on a full-time basis, for holders of a Bachelors’ degree  in any other major.


A total of 60 credits is required to acquire a Master's degree. The credits are accumulated from the compulsory (70%), elective (20%) and optional (10%) academic disciplines.


The student may be awarded up to 2 additional credits for an academic year upon decision of the department at which the undergraduate is studying his or her special subject for vivid and lustrous artistic performances.


Admission: Admission requirements in the academic major are published in the Candidate Master’s Guide for the relevant academic year, published on the website of the National Academy of Music Prof. Pancho Vladigerov.


Academic disciplines:

- Compulsory: Classical Singing, Acting, Singing under Direction of Conductor, Verbal Action, Dance Training, School Musical Theatre, History of Operetta and Musical.

- Elective: History of Art, Dramaturgy and Interpretation of Operetta and Musical, Working with a Rehearsal Pianist, Aesthetics of Music, Vocal Methodology, History of Art, Fencing, Make-up, Microphone Techniques.

- Optional: Dancesport, Approach and Implementation of Research Projects, Sports, Bulgarian, Italian, German, English, French, and Russian Languages.



- State-mandated examination – solo concert or central part in operetta or musical performance.

- Master's Thesis Defence.


Specialist Scope of Practice and Career Opportunities:

- Professional qualification: Artist in Musical Theatre;

- Artist Soloist at a Musical Institute;

- A concertising Artist Soloist;

- Artist in various vocal ensembles;

- Vocal coach at various educational institutions, schools and sessions;

- University lecturer in Singing.

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