Ballet Pedagogy

Period of study:

- 1 academic year, full-time basis, for holders of a Bachelors’ degree in the same major;

- 2 academic years, on a full-time basis, for holders of a Bachelors’ degree  in any other major.


A total of 60 credits is required to acquire a Master's degree. The credits are accumulated from the compulsory (70%), elective (20%) and optional (10%) academic disciplines.

The student may be awarded up to 10 additional credits for the period of study upon decision of the Musical Theatre Department for vivid and lustrous performances – concerts and awards from national and international competitions, etc.


Academic disciplines:

- Compulsory:

Methods of Teaching Classical Dance, Methods of Teaching Classical Ballet, Methodical Composition, Classical Repertoire, Historical Dances, Modern Dance Techniques, Methodology and Composition of Character Dance, Bulgarian Dances, Dramatic Analysis for Ballet Score.

- Elective:

Fundamentals of Stage Movement, Working with Rehearsal Pianist, Introduction to Musical Theatre Art, Approach and Implementation of Research Projects, Aesthetics. Music Semiology. Educator’s Work with Different Age Groups. Genres in Ballet Theatre, Choreographic Interpretation, Performing Arts Management.

- Optional:

Computer Skills, First Foreign Language, Second Foreign Language, Sports, Musical Analysis, Teaching Children up to 7 Years of Age.



State-mandated examination on Professional Ballet Class, Master's Thesis.


Specialist Scope of Practice:

  • To teach in Higher Education Institutions in the field of Musical and Dance Arts and train ballet students;
  • To teach the disciplines studied here (at the National Academy of Music Prof. Pancho Vladigerov) at Specialized Secondary Schools of Ballet;
  • To manage in organizational and methodical manner the dance life at a ballet school or ballet troupe;
  • To conduct scientific research in the field of Ballet Pedagogy and Methodology of Dance and Theoretical subjects;
  • To manage a ballet company;
  • To manage and teach at all ballet and dance schools;


Career opportunities:

- At Higher Education Institutions in the professional field of Musical and Dance Arts;

- At Schools where choreographic disciplines are covered such as Classical Dance, Methodology of Teaching Classical Dance, Historical Dance, Character Dances, Contemporary Ballet and Jazz Ballet; History of Ballet, Composition of Classical Dance, Repertoire, Dance and Stage Movement;

- To work as Ballet Teachers and Coaches of ballet companies.

- To teach at professional ballet schools.

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