Pop and Jazz Singing

Period of study:

- 1 academic year, full time, for holders of a Bachelor's degree in Pop and Jazz Singing;

- 2 academic years, full time, for holders of a Bachelor's degree in another major.

A total of 60 credits per academic year is required to receive a Master's degree. They are accumulated from the compulsory (70%), elective (20%) and optional (10%) subjects.

 Courses of study:

Compulsory: Academic major; Singing with combo and band; Vocal ensembles; Improvisation; Arrangement and composition; History of art

Elective: Acting skills; Performance and stage skills; Sound equipment and computer music software

Optional: Basics of multimedia; Jazz dances; Foreign language; Sports.

The graduates acquire professional qualification as:

- Performing singers appearing in concerts, festivals, clubs, etc;

- Participants in musical-theatrical performances - operettas, musicals, show programs, theatrical and television productions, music and video clips, etc.;

- Participants in sound recording and studio sessions;

- Specialists in media, radio and press companies holding positions as music editors, musical equipment operators, hosts of specialized programs and shows, senior administrative staff, etc.

- Composers of genre and applied music

- Teachers at schools of music and other institutes providing education in musical disciplines.

- Opportunities for creative work in the spheres of composing, improvisation and arrangement;

- Lecturers in methods of teaching and pedagogic practice in the field of pop and jazz art;

- Fellows in music at higher education institutions.

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