Head of Department:
Assoc. Prof. Manuela BONCHEVA

The subjects of History of Music and Ethnomusicology have been taught in the Academy, although to a lesser degree, since its first years. Textbooks in history of music, written by Dimitar Hazdhigeorgiev (1873-1932) and Dimitar Radev (1874-1952), were published as early as the 1920s, as well as the constantly referred-to edition on Bulgarian folk music by Dobri Hristov, who taught in the Academy. A crucial part was played by one of the first Bulgarian professional musicologists – Prof. Stoyan Brashovanov, Ph.D. (1888-1956), who defended his doctoral dissertation on the Bulgarian folk song in 1923. He distinguished himself as the leading lecturer in History of Music as early as the mid 1920s and especially in the 1930s and 1940s. It was at his suggestion, in his capacity of Director of the Academy, that systematic study of Bulgarian musical folklore was instituted at the Academy in 1937.

Instrumental in the recognition of the subject of Ethnomusicology (which in different periods was known as Bulgarian Folk Music and Bulgarian Musical Folklore) was undoubtedly the contribution of Prof. Stoyan Dzhudzhev, Ph.D. (1902-1998), who received his Ph.D. at the Sorbonne in Paris in 1938.  He was the authoritative leading lecturer in this subject from 1934 throughout the next four or five decades. One of the courses taught in the department was the subject of Church Music which existed until the 1940s, and was taught by the scholar, composer and researcher in this field Petar Dinev (1889-1980).


In 1947 a Department of Music Sciences whose first head was Prof. Stoyan Brashovanov, Ph.D., was established. In the 1950s he was succeeded by Prof. Stoyan Dzhudzhev, Ph.D. The current history of music and musical folklore departments emerged gradually since the mid and late 1960s.

The subjects of History of Music and Ehtnomusicology occupy a central place in the professional education of students. Over more than five decades, specialised syllabuses have been established within the general History of Music course, including History of Russian/Soviet Music and History of 20th Century Music. Especially important from a practical and pedagogical point of view is the introduction of a separate course in the History of Bulgarian Musical Culture. The study and interpretation of the history of music and of ethnomusicology is a solid foundation for forming general professional knowledge of music that students need, and also for their practical orientation in the enormous repertoire of world and Bulgarian musical heritage. The department gives lectures and seminars in music literature to the students of the Theory, Composition and Conducting Faculty, and also to the students of the Instrumental and Vocal Faculties and the Pop and Jazz Art Department. The syllabuses are tailored to the relevant specialisation and supplement and help shape the contents and professional aspects of the classes in theoretical subjects such as harmony, polyphony, musical analysis, composition, and orchestration.The specialised unit of Foreign Languages forms part of the department.

In the past the department has been headed by:

* Prof. Stoyan Brashovanov, Ph.D. (after 1947);
* Prof. Stoyan Dzhudzhev, Ph.D.  (ca. 1954-1966);
* Assoc. Prof. Dora Georgieva-Marinska (ca. 1967-1970);
* Prof. Stoyan Petrov (1970-1983);
* Prof. Ivan Hlebarov, Sc.D. (1984-1993);
* Prof. Lidia Litova, Ph.D. (1994-2008).

* Prof. Anda PALIEVA, Ph.D. (2008-2016)


All were proven professionals who distinguished themselves in their individual fields and authored a number of research papers and textbooks.
After 1950 the following lecturers worked in the department: Anton Nikolov (1906-1971), Blagovesta Nikolova (1939), Assoc. Prof. Venelin Krastev (1919), Prof. Dimitrina Kaufman, Ph.D. (1944), Assoc. Prof. Kipriyana Belivanova (1942-2001), Assoc. Prof. Luchezar Karanlakov (1943), Assoc. Prof. Manol Todorov (1925), Lilyana Tsoneva (1927), Prof. Nikolay Kaufman (1925),Sc.D.,academicianof the BAS. The following lecturers have also worked in the department for shorter periods: Assoc. Prof. Andrey Koralov (1938-1987), Maria Kostakeva, Ph.D. (1943), Prof. Krum Angelov (1918-2006), Lili Kracheva, Ph.D. (1957), Prof. Stefan Lazarov, Ph.D. (1935) and Yanina Bogdanova (1957).

In the 1930s and 1940s Church Music was taught by Angel Popkonstantinov (1905-1981) and History of Music was taught by Stoyan Paunchev, Ph.D. (1916-1962).

The specialized units of Foreign Languages and History of Art form parts of the department

Department Staff:

History of Music

Prof. Natasha YAPOVA, Ph.D., Vice Rector of Academy

Prof. Emilia KOLAROVA, Ph.D.





Part time lectures

Prof. Boyanka ARNAUDOVA

Prof. Svetlana KUYUMDJIEVA, D. Sc, Corr. mem. BAS




Assoc. Prof. Manuela BONCHEVA, Ph.D., Head of Department

Prof. Goritsa NAYDENOVA Ph.D.

Foreign Languages


Foreign Languages






Assoc. Prof. Kalina MINKOVA, Ph.D. (part-time lecturer)

Lyudmila PESHEVA (part-time lecturer)