piano departmentHead of Department:
Prof. Rostislav YOVCHEV, Ph.D.

The Piano Department within the Theory, Composition and Conducting Department was established in 1977, piano being the only instrument which is obligatory for all majors in the faculty.

The subject of piano in the Theory, Composition and Conducting Faculty occupies a central place in the professional formation of young musicians. Piano repertoire from all periods, styles and genres creates a solid foundation for the introduction of students to the main principles of all the theoretical courses. By learning to play the piano students develop creative thinking and cultivate an approach to and a judgement of music from different aesthetic and professional perspectives. Adapted to the various majors, piano also takes into consideration the individual interests and performance level of each student. Students achieve a solid knowledge of the instrument which is required for a future career in a number of fields, and for the development of individual expression and interpretation.

Compulsory piano education is required in two other faculties – Instrumental and Vocal (except for students majoring in Pop and Jazz Art).

The following persons have worked in the department: Prof. Ivan Eftimov (1937), Prof. Lyubomir Dinolov, Sc.D.(1934 -2008), Prof. Tihomira Bachvarova, Ph.D. (1934-2009), Prof. Lilyana Stefanova (1935-2013), Prof. Nikola Dyulgerov (1935-2008), Prof. Elka Ruseva (1938), Ani Avramova, Ph.D. (1934), Pavlina Beshkova (1933-1988), Lilyan Tomov Gerdzhikov (1933-1998), Lyudmila Stoyanova, Ph.D. (1939), Filipina Filipova (1941).

Heads of the Piano Department in the Theory, Composition and Conducting Faculty:
Prof. Snezhana Barova (1977-1983)
Prof. Ivan Eftimov (1983-1999)
Prof. Pravda Goranova, Ph.D. (1999-2005)
Prof. Dimitar Tsanev, Ph.D. (2005-2008)
Prof. Rostislav Yovchev, Ph.D. (since 2008)

Department Staff:


Prof. Dimitar TSANEV, Ph.D., Rector of the National Academy of Music

Prof. Rostislav YOVCHEV, Ph.D., Head of Department

Prof. Krasimir TASKOV

Prof. Evgenia SIMEONOVA Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof. Alexandar VASILENKO Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof. Desislava SHTEREVA Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof. Elena DIKOVA Ph.D.

Margarita ILIEVA Ph.D.

Radoslav NIKOLOV


Part time lectures

Prof. Pravda GORANOVA, Ph.D.

Prof. Bogdana POPOVA