Composition departament

Head of Department:
Prof. Krasimir TASKOV

The Composition major was introduced in 1950 with a four-year syllabus, to be completed with presentation of a thesis. Goals are mastering the main composition forms and genres in terms of specific instrumental, vocal (choral) and orchestral requirements.

The first professors in this major were the composers Pancho Vladigerov, Vesselin Stoyanov, Marin Goleminov, Parashkev Hadzhiev, who are regarded as classics. All passed on their personal experience to accumulated in a number of European music schools reflecting the styles of Germany, Austria and France. Later their students continued their education abroad in countries such as Russia, Poland and Hungary. From there they brought back new ideas and principles of education.

In a historical perspective the professors of compostion, Alexandar Raychev, Alexandar Tanev, Zdravko Manolov, Tsvetan Tsvetanov, Bozhidar Abrashev successfully continued the work of their eminent teachers and masters. Their pupils are the Bulgarian composers of the most recent generation who shape the image of our musical culture today. Some leading names in the department are Prof. Dimitar Tapkov and Prof. Pencho Stoyanov. Composition is also taught by Prof. Georgi Kostov.

Since Prof. Alexandar Tekeliev left office as Head of Department in 1999, this position has been occupied by Prof. Krassimir Taskov, who also teaches at the Piano Department in the Theory, Composition and Conducting Faculty, and who has an active concert career as a solo and chamber performer. The creative activity of the department is related to a number of concert performances of works composed by students in this major, participations in annual academic and international competitions as well as in Bulgarian and foreign festivals for works by young composers, seminars, and performances of graduation pieces by the staff orchestra.

Department Staff:

Prof. Atanas ATANASOV, Head of  Chamber Music and Accompaniment Department

Prof. Krasimir TASKOV, Head of Department

Prof. Velislav ZAIMOV, Ph. D