Music management

Period of study: 2 academic years, full time

Admission: on submission of documents

Students holding a Bachelor's degree with an average score above Good (4) from the semester exams and Very good (4.50) from the State exams can apply.

A total of 120 credits is required for the MA degree, i.e. 60 credits for each year of full-time study. They are accumulated from the compulsory (70%), elective (20%) and optional (10%) subjects.

Courses of study:

- Compulsory: History of the Music Business; Status and Financing of the performing Arts; Producing and management of festivals; Intellectual Property in Music, Establishment of the Music Career; Music in the Electronic Media; PR, Advertisement and Marketing; Seminars and Practice  

- Elective: Musical Styles and Genres; Music Criticism; Music and new Technologies; Project management; Realisation of the research project; Bulgarian music folklore and the contemporaneity; Methodology of musical and educational activities

- Optional: Foreign language; Sports.

Graduation: Master's thesis defense

Professional qualifications and career opportunities:

- specialists and managers in state, municipal and private organizations, producing and distributing stage events;

- experts in the Ministry of Culture and other institutions and bodies in the field of culture;

- teachers in private universities or schools with a profile in the arts and culture;

- experts in management and legal regulation of state, collective and private institutions in the field of performing arts, cinema, television and audiovision (public authorities, public and private TV channels, the associations for the collective management.

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