Chamber Singing

Period of study:

- 1 academic year, full time, for Bulgarian students holding a Bachelor`s degree in Classical singing.

- 2 academic years, full time for international and Bulgarian students holders of Bachelor`s degree in another major.

A total of 60 credits per academic year is required to receive a Master's degree. They are accumulated from the compulsory (70%), elective (20%) and optional (10%) subjects.

 Courses of study:

Compulsory: Chamber singing; Classical singing; Acting techniques; Opera singing with conductor; Vocal methodology; Opera workshop

Elective: History of art; Individual piano rehearsals; Musical aesthetics; Approaches and work on a research project; Fencing; Stage makeup

Optional: Italian; German; English; Russian; French; Sports; Dancesport

 Professional qualifications and career opportunities:

- Professional qualification – Chamber singer;

- Teaching chamber singing at secondary and higher education institutes;

- Performance of chamber works in concert;

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