Sound Engineering

Period of study:

- 1 academic year, full time, for holders of a Bachelor's degree in sound engineering;

- 2 academic years, full time, for holders of a Bachelor's degree in another specialty.

A total of 60 credits per academic year is required to receive a Master's degree. They are accumulated from the compulsory (70%), elective (20%) and optional (10%) subjects.


1. Students holding a Bachelor's degree in sound engineering from the Theory, Composition and Conducting Faculty Department of the National Academy of Music are admitted are admitted on grounds of their of their average score from the State exams and defense of a diploma thesis in sound engineering.

2. Students holding a Bachelor's degree in music from other education institutes are required to take an entrance examination on topics from a previously announced questionnaire.

 Courses of study:

Compulsory: Sound engineering; Musical acoustics; Digital post-production; Sound recording practice , Media practice (broadcasting); Media practice (TV); Film and video mastering; Basics of music informatics

Elective: Music and media management; Media postproduction; Multimedia design; Sound equipment; Media music; Sound amplifying systems; History of art

Optional: Foreign language – 1 and 2; Sports; Musical aesthetics.

 Professional qualifications of the graduates:

- To direct the sound environment during music performances and interpret art musical communication processes through management of various sound processing devices; to teach the subject of sound engineering; to do research work in the field of sound engineering and sound equipment;

- To carry out and manage sound recording sessions, programs, mixing and sound effect processes.

Career opportunities: in mass communication media, professional music ensembles and formations; in music educational institutes; in sound recording and other kinds of sound processing studios; in the production of CDs, DVDs, etc., in national and local broadcasting centers and music units; in editorial offices, taking positions as sound engineer, sound effects editor, sound operator, studio expert, expert in sound directing methods, editor.

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