Period of study: 4 academic years, full time.

A total of 240 credits is required to receive a Bachelor's degree, i.e. 60 credits for each year of full-time study. They are accumulated from the compulsory (70%), elective (20%) and optional (10%) subjects.


Courses of study:

Compulsory: Accordion – academic major, Chamber music, Accompaniment; Solfeggio,

Harmony; Polyphony; Methods of teaching music.

Elective: Study of musical instruments, History of the instrument, History of music, History of Bulgarian music; Ethnomusicology; Praxis in music teaching; Musical analysis; Musical aesthetics, Methods of accompaniment; Accompanying praxis.

Optional: Foreign language; Sports.


Professional qualifications and career opportunities:

- To perform as soloists, chamber music instrumentalists, accompanists, members of various musical ensembles;

- To train students in accordion and chamber music at children's music schools, secondary vocational schools, secondary schools of music, etc.

- To do research work in the field of instrumental and performing art;

- To lead various amateur and professional instrumental groups;

- To carry out all activities requiring higher musical education.

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