Information for applicants from EU

Information for higher education applicants from the European Union and the European Economic Area

Higher education applicants who are citizens of European Union countries apply pursuant to the same conditions and by the same procedure as the ones stipulated for Bulgarian citizens. After submitting the required documents within the time frames specified below, applicants take the same admission examinations as the ones stipulated for Bulgarian citizens (for reference see the Application Guidelines of the National Academy of Music (NAM) for the relevant year).
I. Required documents:
1. Application to the Rector, containing a short CV and a declaration of the desired major.

- Apl. form for admission to the preparatory course after high school;

- Apl. form for admission to the preparatory course after higher education.

2. A copy of the applicant's secondary education document - for applicants for undergraduate programmes: a copy of the supplement that contains the grades, with a grade in A MUSICAL SUBJECT as a mandatory requirement. For applicants for MASTER's degree programmes or postgraduate training - a copy of the higher education diploma for the acquisition of a Bachelor's or a Master's degree and the supplement with the grades. The average grades of the Diploma for the higher education (BA / МА) above to be no less than the equivalent of Good according to the Bulgarian system of grades.
3. For applicants for undergraduate programmes - a document issued by a competent body, which certifies the applicant's right to continue their education in the higher education institutions in the country where the applicant obtained their secondary education.

4. Certificate of acknowledged secondary education, obtained in a foreign country, issued by the Regional Governance of Education - Sofia - for applicants for undergraduate programmes (the documents required for the issue of this certificate are submitted by the applicant to the Regional Governance of Education - Sofia /”Antim І” № 17/, and after the certificate is issued, it is submitted to the National Academy of Music). For Master's degree programmes - a certificate of acknowledged higher education, obtained in foreign country - the documents required for the issue of this certificate are submitted by the applicant to the National Academy of Music - APPLICATION FORM and documents.
5.A document certifying their proficiency in Bulgarian, issued by a higher education institution in the Republic of Bulgaria.

6.A health certificate, issued not earlier than one month prior to the date of application.

7.Two photographs.

8. If the documents are not filed personally by the applicant but by another person, a power of attorney is required, which must be translated into Bulgarian.

9. Declaration on the processing of personal data.

The documents required pursuant to Items 2, 3 and 6 must be legalised, translated and certified in accordance with the provisions of the international agreements signed by the Republic of Bulgaria with their country of issue, and if there are no such agreements - pursuant to the general procedure for legalization, translation and certification of documents. Documents translated into Bulgarian by a sworn translator whose signature is certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The documents must be submitted in one set with original Apostille, certifications and signatures, and one copy.

Foreign documents must be certified by Apostille or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing country, then - legalized by the Bulgarian diplomatic and consular missions in that country or accredited to it. When no legalization by the Bulgarian representation in the issuing country, such legalization should make diplomatic representation of the issuing country accredited to Bulgaria.

II. Bulgarian For applicants who do not have the document specified in item 5:
1. Applicants who have attended language training and specialised training in a preparatory course organised by the National Academy of Music or applicants who are proficient in Bulgarian, are required to take a written and an oral examination in BULGARIAN. Only applicants who have passed the examinations in BULGARIAN are allowed to take the admission examinations.
2. Applicants who are not proficient in Bulgarian can attend a preparatory course - language training and specialised training - for one academic year. The course ends with examinations in all subjects studied, after which admission examinations are taken according to the same programme and schedule as stipulated for Bulgarian citizens. To apply for a preparatory course, the applicant must submit the above listed documents.

3. Those who know the Bulgarian language but do not have a document to do so, they are examinations in Bulgarian language - written and spoken.

III. Application periods:
1. For the preparatory course - from 1st September to 20 September.
2. For undergraduate programmes - the dates are specified in the Application Guidelines issued by the NAM.
3. For Master's degree programmes - deadlines and examination programs are published in the Guide for admission to a master`s degree. For the procedure for recognition of higher education, documents acquired in a foreign country shall be submitted - by June 25 of the year of application and payment of a fee of 300 BGN, after this term - by September 03 at the latest and payment of a fee of 450 BGN for carrying out fast document verification service.

IV. Duration of the course of study:
- Preparatory course - one academic year, fee - 3200 euro;
- For Bachelor's degree programmes - four academic years;
- For Master's degree programmes for holders of a Bachelor's  - one academic year in training in the same specialty; two academic years at training in a specialty different from acquired in bachelor`s diploma;

- For postgraduate training – one or two years.